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"Save Money,Make New Buddies,Help Environment!"

Welcome to carpoolfriends and thanks for choosing it, carpoolriends is a destination for drivers to get passengers and vice versa. You are hundreds of that make the choice to share the road, to help your fellow commuters,contribute to the lack of traffic congestion, parking and to take a concrete step to help the environment.

Why CarpoolFriends?

More fun to move in the carpool

Cost next to Nothing

Safety and Security

Same destination, You can make a good time and meet new people.

You can move in the cheap, by which each participant pays for their share of the expenses.

Safe and Secure. Check user profile before taking or offering a ride.

How to use CarpoolFriends?

Step 1

In Advance

Step 2

Travel Together

Step 3

Payment to Driver

Step 4


Search for ride share and contact.

Meet on the particular planned date time and travel together for the desired destination.

Finally pay to the driver and kindly keep exact change to avoid any chaos

Share your experience with other commuters about the ride and help them and us.

Simple Case Study?

90% of the air pollution is caused by just 25% of cars

Think Again, Save Planet for future generations!

"We all know that clean air is extremely very important, but unfortunately none of us are feeling the urgency to fix it.
It's even important than we once thought:

Scientific experts now believe the nation faces an epidemic of illnesses that are exacerbated by air pollution. These illnesses include cardiovascular disease, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and diabetes.

Air pollution globally kills more people than malaria and AIDS combined, and studies show that kids who grow up with cleaner air will have bigger and stronger lungs for life.

User Testimonials, Thanks You.

It's completely new experience, It's good to share my car ride with other female passengers and have a good chit chat while going to boring office.
-- Shruti K.

Easy to use and best part about carpoolfriends is, its allowing only corporate users to login and carpooling is also restricted after 9:00 pm, keep it up.
-- Sumit Z

Time of homecoming has been changed to the fun time from boring time! I've also increased the number of homecoming because of it.
--Debasis K