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This is a legal agreement between the user and the

It is mandatory to go through all the terms and conditions of before using this website.carpoolfriends do not take guarantee of your safety if you are agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of our agreement and accept that we have no responsibility for your safety then only you can go ahead.If you do not agree to be bound by this agreement then do not create your account in or access the website services in any way.if you are using this website we will consider it as token of acknowledgement of your acceptance to all the terms and conditions described herein.the terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. will only use your information to help you in finding carpool partners for you. provides a platform to car owners and co-travellers to offer and accept transportation services, is not a transportation carrier and it does not provide transportation services to any one, offers information and a method to provide transportation services to its users.the website claims no responsibility and liability for any kind of transportation services provided by the users and we disclaims any liability with regards to users claims against the website in connection with users use of the website services,if you are agree then use website services at your own risk.


you can register free in carpoolfriends but before registering we would strictly recommend you to go through all terms and conditions. website and mobile app is mainly intended for corporate people.carpoolfriends website is just a platform which will help you in finding the commuters with whome you can share your ride.before doing registration with this website we would like to intimate you we would not be responsible for finding suitable match for you and hence will not take guarantee of their character or conduct. website and mobile app will provide you the information you need to share your ride.we do not claim appropriateness, authenticity and accuracy of the information provided by our website hence we are not liable for any damage or loss caused by the wrong information provided by the participants. By using website and app you agree and accept that shall have no responsibility and liability for your safety and for any loss or damage you suffer.

Registration is restricted for corporate people only.Minors below 18 years are not permitted to can login only with your official email would be held responsible for all the activities within your account. Carpoolfriends has the ultimate right to change, delete or de-activate any users information if we found anything suspicious against any participant.Users have the full freedom to create,change,delete or de-activate their ride information in this website but make sure to give intimation atleast 3 hrs before so that passengers who were relying on you for lift can make their own arrangements,however it is advisable not to cancel the offered rides at short notice because it wil not only effect the ride share passengers but also results in your poor rating. user can post multiple number of trips but make sure to create single record for each trip as it will help in avoiding the duplicacy problem.we request carpool friend users to delete or de-activate the trip record after you finish your trip.ride share partners must communicate in polite manner,rude behaviour and abusive language will not be tolerated. If we found either you are not abiding terms and conditions of this website and its mobile app or you have registered with a false information we will terminate your registration immediately without notice.

Disclaimer tried their best to provide accurate and reliable data to their users but we give no guarantee to the appropriateness, authenticity and accuracy of the information provided by our website. our website grants no guarantee wheather implied,express,statutory,the services provided and the information contained in this website. we do not conduct any background checks on the users of our will be solely responsible for all the verification and select the carpool partners who are most appropriate for your needs. disclaims liability for the conduct or character of the users of website and takes no responsisbility for any delays,communications,crimes, interruptions, unauthorized access,any kind of loss or damage you suffer directly or indirectly by taking participation in carpooling,your participation in carpooling would be completly at your own risk in all things.

Safety is a platform where you can contact and meet new people with whome you can share your ride.Those using this website and associated mobile apps or engaging in carpooling arrangements must ensure, and are responsible for, their own personal safety, does not guarantee you the conduct and behaviour of the other users through our can ensure your safety by following the below guidelines though its our own personal views,we dont hold any specific qualification degree on personal safety issues.

Never disclose your personal information like residential address,work address,phone number,email address to the other users of carpoolfriends. fix your first face to face meeting in a well known populated public place before travelling together. share name,vehicle number,mobile number of the person with whome you are carpooling to your friends and family members. you can click picture of the carpool partner and their cars, share it with your friends and family members. give your family and friends the name of people you are carpooling with and let them know your schedule. if you are the driver collect the identity card photocopies of all the co-partners. if you are the co-passenger then collect the drivers license,insurance card,car registration photocopies. you can directly say no to the person if you are not comfortable.

Privacy policy is thanksful to you that you have put your trust in us,we respect our users privacy and ensure you that all your information will be kept confidential.and secure with us.our companies primary purpose is to collect your personal identifiable information which includes your name, email address, gender, place of work, travel preferences, regular travel origin and destination, vehicle registration number, travel times and confirmation that you are over the age of 18 years, so that carpoolfriends can assist you with carpool matching and carpool arrangements.Privacy statement main purpose is to inform their users what personal information do we need from you,how we use your information to find matching carpool partners for you,how you can review and correct your information.your information also helps us to communicate with you about our services and updates to those do not sell your personal information to any other agency. may change this policy from time to time by updating this page,in case of change of privacy statement the revised privacy statement will be posted on our website.user can check the effective date of policy change at the bottom of the privacy statement. user have the access to edit their personal information by logging into their ensures you that your information is secure with us,we have put suitable physical,electronic and managerial procedures in place to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure.

Carpooling benefits

carpooling is sharing your ride with other people who are going to same destination. cost effective:carpooling saves your petrol/diesel/cng/toll/parking charges as all these charges are distributed equally among all the members of keeps your car in good condition by reducing wear and tear on your vehicle.many insurance companies offers special insurance plans if you are a part of carpooling program. avoids traffic problems:carpooling is the effective apporoach towards controlling the traffic congestion.most of us waste our valueable time by stucking in traffic by encouraging carpool we can save this time,less number of cars on the road means less traffic congestion. Environment Friendly:all vehicles emits carbon emissions which results in climate encouraging carpooling we can limit the number of cars on the road which directly leads to less air pollution. Relaxing ride: sharing your ride with other commuters will make your ride can sit back relax and enjoy your ride. Making new friends:carpooling lets you not just share your driving responsibilities but also it also gives you an opportunity to make new friends and start professional relationships.