Carpool Friends Android App


carpoolfriends is a reliable website that connects corporate commuters who wish to find or offer ride(s) to fellow commuters. Carpoolfriends aims and believes in “Saving Environment, Money and your Precious Time”.

How It Started

This Journey started back in 2013 from Liverpool, United Kingdom. I was at onsite location and I used to commute from Liverpool City Centre to Office by public transport. Due to odd shift timings relying on public transport was really hectic. One fine day luckily on office noticeboard, I saw ride share offer. I contacted the person, We started the carpool and I used to pay him monthly half the amount of my bus pass. Soon I realized that I started saving half of my money and time. Apart from this, it was really safe, secure and hassle-free.

When I was back in India and started travelling to IT Park Hinjewadi, Pune from my home daily. I found spending hours in traffic, I thought of my old days and the idea got clicked, I started carpooling using social groups. But there were lot of challenges in terms of safety and managing the rides. To avoid traffic, avoid air pollution and stress, I thought of creating a platform for all of us where we can came together and do our bit to give back to society.

It took almost 10 Months to complete by first learning the technology and then taking my personal time to build it. Going forward I will be soon launching its Mobile App(s) and introducing other feature as well.

Carpoolfriends allows only corporate emails for registration and as safety is the major concern, so carpooling is allowed between 06:00 To 21:00 hrs. Carpoolfriends is always open for your valuable comments, so please do write us on

Best Regards,

Robin Raina