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What is Carpool?

Carpooling is sharing your ride with other people who are going to same destination. Carpoolfriends is a platform which enables Drivers and passengers offer and search for journeys and after finding a suitable match they contact each other to arrange further details for the journey including Costs, meeting points and other space for luggage are agreed on. They then fix face to face meeting and carry out their shared car journey as planned.

Benefits of Carpooling?

Cost effective: carpooling saves your petrol/diesel/cng/toll/parking charges as all these charges are distributed equally among all the members of carpool. It keeps your car in good condition by reducing wear and tear on your vehicle. many insurance companies offers special insurance plans if you are a part of carpooling program.
Avoids traffic problems: carpooling is the effective approach towards controlling the traffic congestion. most of us waste our valuable time by stucking in traffic by encouraging carpool we can save this time, less number of cars on the road means less traffic congestion.
Environment Friendly: all vehicles emits carbon emissions which results in climate changes. by encouraging carpooling we can limit the number of cars on the road which directly leads to less air pollution.
Relaxing ride: sharing your ride with other commuters will make your ride can sit back relax and enjoy your ride.
Making new friends: carpooling lets you not just share your driving responsibilities but also it also gives you an opportunity to make new friends and start professional relationships.

Safety tips for Carpooling?

* Never disclose your personal information before meeting.
* Fix your arrival point in public place before travelling together.
* Share name, vehicle number, mobile number of the person with whom you are carpooling to your friends and family members.
* Give your family and friends the name of people you are carpooling with and let them know your schedule.
* You can directly say no to the person if you are not comfortable.
* For the safety of ladies member filter your search results based on gender to find travelling companion of same gender where the car owner and all co passengers are women only.

Unverified profiles are not allowed?

you can access only through your corporate email address. Personal or social email addresses are not permitted for the registration.

Permitted Carpooling Timings?

Carpooling is allowed between morning 6:00AM - 09:00PM

How to start?

* Create your account by filling all the details.
* Post your ride specifying all the details.
* Co-ordinate with interested passengers through call or messaging service.

Car Pool Etiquette?

* You should be on time discuss with the driver how long he can wait for you.
* Don’t throw the trash in the vehicle being a co-passenger it’s your responsibility to keep it clean.
* Obey traffic rules make sure all co-passengers are wearing seat belts.
* Drive carefully as high speed and aggressive driving will make other co-passengers unsafe.

carpoolfriends is free?

carpoolfriends is absolutely free. You can register free in our doesn’t charge any registration fee, user has the free access to post or offer the rides.

Confidential information privacy?

Only you and have access to your account information. Make sure to logout from your account and close the browser window once you are done with this website. Do not share your password with anyone, if anyone pretends to be staff person asking for your personal account information in that case we advise you to check their email address,if its then only it is valid email address otherwise consider it as a spam.

Do write to us?

Users can submit their feedback and complaints to by writing us to